• Nicole

    Owner, Designer

    “Created to Create” I specialize in bridal & bachelorette design but love to make unique one of a kind gifts for any of life’s most special occasions.

  • Melissa

    Graphic Designer, Operations Manager

    Hi! I’m Melissa! I am a graphic designer and operations manager here at happily chic! I oversee all production making sure each item is made to CHIC PERFECTION! My favorite tv show is friends!

  • Wendy

    Lead Creator

    Hi I’m Wendy! I am head creator and I absolutely love what I do! I make and assemble all gift sets and also make our best selling future Mrs mugs to perfection! My passion is dance and in my free time I teach young girls ballet!

  • Daniella

    Graphic Designer, Customer Service

    Hi! I am Daniella and I am the graphic designer here at happily chic designs! Aside from creating all personalized gifts, I handle customer requests and manage shipping labels for each order.

  • Jillian


    Hi! I am Jillian and I make all the pretty things!

  • Erick


    I'm Erick! I handle shipping + packaging all products to our customers all over the world. In my free time I am a drummer in a band!

  • Lily


    Hi! I am Lily and I am everyones right hand! I make everything from mugs and wine glasses, to shirts and onesies! I also assist in customer service + assembling gift sets!

  • Eric

    Owner, Dispatcher

    Hi! I am Eric! I am married to Nicole and together we run this amazing small business! I handle all accounting, shipping, inventory, and also handle quality control.

  • Ruth

    Graphic Designer


  • Rosie